Its become a trend now for women to seek shelter and security under the umbrella of the rich. Ghanaian girls of late tend to date richer and more stable guys than the poorer ones. According to most of them the feel more financially and emotionally secured when dating a rich man than that of the less privileged.

Sokoohemaa Kuukua a radio presenter is no different from this trend. According to her she gets angry when men with Kia Picanto or a lesser car than a 4 wheel drives proposes to her. She boasts of driving a Jaguar and will settle for nothing less than a 4 wheel drive. She is encouraging all men who have interest in her to work hard and upgrade to a better car if they do not have one yet to prevent insults from her when they approach her. According to her men with little or no money are very wicked and they easily wreck relationships.

Sokoohema is however rumored to be dating multimedia presenter, KMJ


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