The south African commissioner to Ghana Lulu Xingwana in a statement said most foreigners are trading in fake goods in South Africa. According to her foreigners bring to their country fake Sugar, Fake rice and others which are poisonous. These goods she said ended up harming the poor in South Africa who could not afford the quality products and tends to go in for the cheaper one.

In an interview with Starr FM on Wednesday, she alleged “ the fake products that they are bringing into the country. She also claimed most of these foreigners tend to attack the police when their place is being searched and these goods are uncovered. Some she claims , even shoots the police when the police uncovers their illegal activities. “It has happened, and here they find a lot of guns. What are you doing with guns when you say you are selling rice in this shop?” she said.

She said most of these fake goods are brought in from Somalia and because most do not have where they were made inscribed on them or may be altered the poor and innocent ones are those that fall prey to these criminals. The poor usually fall sick or die after consuming these poisonous products. Madam Xingwana, however, noted that calm has been restored to hot spots of the attacks, charging African countries to create opportunities for the nationals.

According to Madam Xingwana most of these criminals use poverty as a shield to perpetrate these crimes when caught but being poor or not should not be an excuse to slander or take advantage of the poor innocent ones. “Secondly, South Africa is doing everything to stop this violence. Even South Africans have been attacked and killed. Police have been deployed in hot spots in South Africa where these things are happening and it’s quiet for now,” 


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