Juliet Ibrahim made a surprised statement said sometimes things do not look like expected. She said in a statement that Iceberg’s Koti y3 ketoa. According to her there is a general assumption that Iceberg has a huge langalanga because of a picture he posted sometime back but contrary to that her ex boyfriend Koti was rather disappointing.

In an interview with delay Juliet Ibrahim said she caught her ex-boyfriend Ice-berg Slim, sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. She said her ex-boyfriend Ice-berg Slim’s ex-girlfriend later sent her messages warning her to breakup and stay away from her man Iceberg Slim. this was part of the reason she broke-up with her ex-boyfriend.

Iceberg later made an apology to Juliet Ibrahim in August on twitter and asked of her forgiveness. He said Juliet Ibrahim gave him care and love and all he he could give her back was to cheat on her


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