The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama, Claims the One Village One Dam project the incumbent government is boasting of was started under his government.  John Mahama sad this on a tour to the northern regions.

According to ex president Mahama “Always remember that when you deceive people, the reality catches up with you. By God’s grace, the NPP came to power and they have started building what they call dams. It turns out that the dams they were talking of are the same dugouts that we were digging under the John Mahama administration”. Mahama then told the people when it rains the dams break and the water flows away

He mentioned that the NPP has paused work on the Bole Nursing Training College among several projects. He pleaded to the people not to lose hope in going out to vote the NPP out of office in 2020.


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