There are some few issues John Mahama should iron out before the coming 2020 election. The main reason Mahama lost the 2020 election was the reason of corruption. There were too many corruption related cases under his tenure, some of these corruption related issues were alleged to have involved he himself

There were lots of development John Mahama undertook including the Ridge Hospital expansion which could have given him a smooth win but what happened ? We witnessed the most disgraceful defeat an incumbent have ever received in the history of Ghana. The only hope now is for hope that the NPP government is hit with similar allegation.

Ghanaians have proved over years that accountability is the key issues which most of their votes are determined. Between 2000 and 2004 Ex president John Agyekum Kufour brought many policies and development to the country. Policies the people enjoyed and benefited from like the school feeding program, the LEAP program, Free Maternity, National Health scheme among others, But all these did not guarantee a win for his party mainly because there were corruption allegation leveled against him.

The current NPP government has also been alleged to be involving in corruption related practices but the allegations do not weigh enough weight to cause the defeat of the party in 2020. With election getting closer the hope for Mahama’s come back is getting slimmer.

These are some of the alleged corruption related cases leveled at the Mahama led NDC government


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