Before i begin i would like to make it clear that am neither a fan of EL an artiste based in Ghana nor do i hate him. Elom Adablah, better known by his stage name E.L is a good musician who has for the past years been making lots of hit and even one time being the “Artiste of the Year”.

If his music are that good, the question is how come he is not making the hits he is supposed to make now. There are lots connections to that including the way the Ghanaian music industry is structured but the structure of the music has less influence on EL making a hit because he has experience in that and is not an upcoming musician or underground musician as i may rightly put it.

One of the main reason EL is finding it difficult to make a hit is arrogance. EL after becoming the “Artiste of the Year” in 2015/2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards became very arrogant. EL started to fight almost all the big wings in the industry including Sarkodie. He began to demand more money to perform for an event and will likely turn down the request to perform for an event if one does not meet his demand. EL was also fond of insulting other twitter followers including his own fans

This is what EL had to say to a Twitter user who was teasing him for a list he did not make it in

The Twitter user said if EL is bored about the list he cannot vent his spleen on anybody and that “he is bored in his shoes”.

In replying the Twitter User, EL said “Your Fada! You dey Ghana here de support artists
from another Place. You go die ignorant. Your Moda sef”.

Secondly EL’s music has began to sound one way. You can easily predict his rhythm flow as soon as he begins to sing. His songs sounds very much of each other with soo much vocal shout at the center.

Theses are the two key issues to tackle if EL really wants to come back to making hits in the industry


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