Stanleson Ovoakporaye popularly known as Stoshi is a Ghanaian based Nigerian who has beaten all odds to prove himself as ” Africa’s next big thing”. Stoshi a music enthusiast is currently based in Osu.

He was born and raised in Nigeria in Delta State Oghara. He was raised by his grandmother who helped him nurture his career into music. This was no coincidence since the Ovoakporaye family is know to host great and talented musicians. According to Stoshi “Music played a big role in our family and has kept beautiful memories of events where we share connections with people we love and care for. We are a lot in our family and am hoping to make it big so i could take care of my family”.

The path to success has not been easy for stoshi since his focus on music and perfection drew him away from his studies, affecting his grades therefore his inability to further his education. Prior to exams his father had warned him to push music aside and focus on his education else he will noot take care of him if he fails but Stoshi was very adamant. This made Stoshi move to Ghana in search for a greener pasture and a successful life to once again restore the love his dad had for him and also to make him proud as he once did.

Stoshi is set to release his upcoming album titled “Number 1 in Africa” which focuses more on Africa’s own Afropop with great beat and diverse vocals.


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